We exist to connect people to live the life of a Jesus follower

The Hope Church staff team provides leadership and oversight to hundreds of volunteers to accomplish the mission and expand the kingdom in Las Vegas, the West, and the World. To find out more about leadership structure at Hope, please click the link below

Leadership Structure

Office of the Senior Pastor

Vance Pitman

Senior Pastor

Travis Ogle

Senior Executive Pastor

Bryan Loritts

Visiting Teaching Pastor

Stan Harvey

Lead Pastor of Congregational Care

Michelle Dickens

LIFE Center Director

Shagufta Brown

Executive Assistant

Stacy Jackson

Executive Assistant

Mary Ewoldt

Administrative Assistant

Tabitha Jackson

Administrative Assistant

America Stancil

1st Impressions Associate

Gatherings & Environments Team

Scott Worthington

Lead Pastor of Gatherings & Environments

J. Teddy Johnson

Lead Pastor of Hope Creative

Jeff Phillips

Pastor of Next Generation & Ministry Environments

Tony Caniglia

Hope Kids Pastor

Trenton Dorner

Hope Students Pastor

Micah Ogle

Production Director

Jason Carter

Director of Communications

Bryce Salvatore

Audio Engineer

E.J. Hughes

Hope Creative Associate & Worship Leader

Eddie Felix

Video Associate

David Rogers

Lead Musician

Karisa Carter

Hope Kids Preschool Director

Elijah Pitman

Hope Kids Elementary Associate

Jasmine Reamer

Hope Kids Elementary Associate

Mel Godinez

Student Ministry Associate

Carrie Gilliam

Administrative Assistant

Amber Ramsey

Administrative Assistant

Cherene Supnet

Administrative Assistant

Corrin Burner

Administrative Assistant

Connection & Community Team

Patrick Detken

Lead Pastor of Connection & Community

Gene Staples

Associate Pastor of Hope Communities

Niko Curry

Pastor of Prayer

Sonya Derossi

Next Steps Director

Kathy Sumler

Groups Associate

Candis Hannick

Administrative Assistant

Elia Curls

Administrative Assistant

Services & Support Team

Morne Maritz

Executive Director of Services & Support

Tim Brown

Owners Representative

La Vaughn Cager

Human Resources Director

Rose Cabiltes

Human Resources Assistant

Monica Jorgenson

Finance Lead

Nicole Ramm

Finance Assistant

Dorina Goetz

Wedding Coordinator

Lou Vadala

Facilities Manager

Scott McKay

Maintenance Technician

John Bucholz

Maintenance Technician

Joey Martinek

Maintenance Technician

Nathan Greenback

Maintenance Technician

Caleb Pitman

Maintenance Technician

Gary Nixon


Mobilization & Sending Team

Chip Riggs

Lead Pastor of Mobilization & Sending

Tom McCormick

Lead Pastor of Cross-Cultural Mobilization

Jordan Caro

Director of Ministry Development and Church Planting

Don Phillips

Pastor, Hope Church Boulder City

Cassie Hammett

City Strategist

Carly Souza

Fostering Hope Director

Donna White

Fostering Hope Assistant

Kathleen Khal

Purchased LV Director

J’Nissi Hughes

Purchased LV Program Coordinator

Jacqui Curtis

Purchased LV Administrator

Paige Robbins

Purchased LV Administrator

Matt Bentley

Go Time Associate

Jenny Bland

Director of The Lovewell Center

Jim Britts

Church Planting Strategist

Martin Haghani

Pastor of Iranian Baptist Church

Michael Hughes

Worship Leader, Boulder City Campus

Rita Cooke

Administrative Assistant

Danielle Harward

Administrative Assistant

Kristin Estes

Boulder City Hope Kids Coordinator

Nel Phillips

Administrative Assistant, Hope Church Boulder City

Hunter Mason

Mobilization Intern

Hope Christian Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten

Crystal McCormick

Weekday Preschool Director

Michelle Dotta

Administrative Associate

Neena Ratner

PreK-2 Teacher

Briana Sapienza

PreK-2 Assistant

Chandler Barnato

PreK-3 Teacher

Biby Benitez-Escobar

PreK-3 Assistant

Darla Cyriacks

PreK-4 Teacher

Mariel Pitman

PreK-4 Assistant

Kirsten Durham

Jr. Kindergarten Teacher

Emily O'Donnell

Jr. Kindergarten Assistant

Brittany Butler

Music Teacher

Kimber Wiebeck

Playground Assistant