A Word From Our Pastor

Listen to our Pastor, Vance Pitman, share his heart for what God is doing through the NEXT Campaign to impact generations to come.

A History of God at Work



1999 - The First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA sent three families to plant Hope Church


2001 - Las Vegas engaged through prayer and sowing the seed of the gospel and a core team of disciples are made that birthed a new church.


2002 - Hope joins in God’s activity globally and the first mission team was commissioned out of Hope Church to the nations.


2004 - God clarifies our mission and “The Life of a Jesus Follower” series was taught for the first time.


2011 - Our initial goal of planting ten churches in ten years was exceeded as we sent out our fourteenth church plant.


2012 - A permanent launching pad was established as God provided a permanent home for His people through His people at our campus on Cactus Ave.


2017 - Hope Church embarked on a three-year spiritual journey seeking the heart of God in answer to the question, “What’s Next for Hope Church in reaching this generation and the generations to come?”

We can't wait to see what's NEXT!

Watch the “NEXT” 2018 Update


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next step

The first two priorities with our Next Step are the design of our new worship center and the completion of an additional 2.5 acres of parking on the north side of our campus.

WORSHP CENTER UPDATE: We have completed the final stage of design called Design Development. Currently, we are in a process called value engineering in preparation to submit our building designs for county approval. Below are a few design images of our Worship Center.

NORTH PARKING LOT UPDATE: We are continuing to pursue the necessary requirements for county approval to construct an additional 300+ parking spaces on our campus. The complexity and delay with this approval is due to our geographical proximity to a regional floodwater detention basin. Also, as part of our overall campus development plan, we are required to complete construction on a water drainage plan on the west side of our campus along Cactus Avenue. These plans are in the final stages of approval with the county.



LAS VEGAS UPDATE: Multiple initiatives are progressing quickly!

PURCHASED: NOT FOR SALE UPDATE: This is our initiative to provide a path of escape for individuals trapped in Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. In February 2019, the Purchased juvenile recovery program called Rejuvenate will officially launch! We will open our doors and begin accepting participants into our recovery program. Below are a few images from our new program space located in South Las Vegas.


FOSTERING HOPE UPDATE: This is our strategic initiative to impact the lives of children in need through engagement in the Foster Care System. On a weekly basis, this ministry is providing care, encouragement, and resources for over 100 families. Also, on January 22, 2019, this ministry coordinated a gathering to share the vision for a city-wide effort targeting the faith community in Las Vegas calling them to a deeper level of involvement in the Foster Care System. Below are a few images from this exciting and fruitful event:


THE WEST UPDATE: We are excited to continue to pursue our vision and passion for church multiplication and spiritual awakening in the western United States. In 2018, God allowed us to help plant another twelve churches and extend the reach of the Gospel in seven major metropolitan areas across the West. Of those twelve new churches, five represented our first steps into the greater Denver, CO area. This happened in large part through the introduction of our Church Planting Cohort program which provides a unique distance apprenticeship experience for church planters throughout the West. In November 2018, Hope Church launched its inaugural Church Planting Sunday during which thirteen pastors throughout our network challenged their churches with a call to embrace the “1% Vision” -- a vision to multiply the church and together see 1% of the West (750,000 people) come to Christ over the next fifteen years. Praise God for His activity in the western United States!


THE WORLD UPDATE: We continue to pursue our vision of seeing a multiplying church started among an unreached, unengaged people group in the Arabian Peninsula called the Wadi people. In 2018, Hope connected with a small group of believers from this people group to help with a food security project. We were able to supply food and hygiene supplies to hundreds of the Wadi people, who are in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. In addition to this work inside their homeland, Hope Go Time teams engaged with the Wadi people who have fled the country as refugees to the United States and North Africa.

Hope also continues to fuel church planting streams through strategic partnerships on multiple continents (North America, Africa, Europe, Asia) while also exploring new partnerships in Australia and South America. Our long-term missionary sending pipeline continues to be a major priority as we saw God raise up five more mid-term missionaries in 2018 from our church toward our goal of sending 50 global missionaries.


next generation

God has allowed us to be a part of planting this incredible expression of the Gospel called Hope Church. We’ve always known what God is doing through us is bigger than us geographically, but we now understand that it is bigger than us generationally. Our 2019 Ministry Plan includes several practical and exploratory steps to lay the foundation for component of our vision.