Should I redirect my regular giving to the campaign?

No. A financial investment in the Next Campaign involves giving above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings. At Hope Church, we believe that biblical generosity can be summarized in the following two phrases: Always a Portion (Joyful obedience that always leads me to give rst to the Lord out of what He provides for me) and Sometimes a Sacrifice (Spirit-led generosity that occasionally calls me to give more than I think I can to get in on what God is doing in the moment). We are seeking the Lord together about Spirit-led sacri cial investment in the Next Campaign.

When will we make our financial pledges to the Next Campaign?

May 21, 2017 is Pledge Sunday at Hope Church. During our service, there will be a special time of response as we give an initial offering and make our three-year pledge to financially invest in the Next Campaign.

What if I miss Pledge Sunday?

If you cannot attend one of our services on May 21, 2017, you have three options:

  1. Mail your pledge and/or offering to the Hope Church Ministry Offices at 850 Cactus Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89183.
  2. Drop off your pledge and/or offering to the Hope Church Ministry Offices
  3. Make your pledge and/or give your offering online at using the link on this webpage
How will I give my financial pledge?

Gifts can be given weekly, monthly, annually, or through a one-time amount. Giving as early as possible will allow us to accelerate the construction portion of this campaign.

How much is this Next Step going to cost?

Our architect has given us a range of $9 - $11 million.

How will we pay for this project?

Based on giving history that is unique to Hope Church and the God-sized vision He has led us to, as well as research done based on national trends, we are praying and trusting God for a $9.5 million financial pledge toward the Next Campaign. Should there be a difference between our pledge amount and the cost of the project, the remainder will be funded by Hope’s available cash on hand and long-term financing. If there is a need for additional financing, our total debt payment is not expected to exceed 20% of our projected annual operating budget over the next three years.

When will construction begin and finish?

We will immediately begin construction on new parking and a new entrance off Cactus Avenue. We are projected to begin construction on our new Worship Center and redesign of portions of our existing campus in Spring 2018 pending the outcome of our Next Campaign. We anticipate 12 - 15 months for construction of this project.

How does my offering impact the Next Chapter?

As an expression of our value of generous living, ten percent of the initial offering given on Pledge Sunday will be set aside as a initial investment in this Next Chapter of ministry in Las Vegas, the West, and the World.