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Break Thru Ministry

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Break Thru Ministry is an outreach for incarcerated juveniles within the state facilities of Nevada. While many prison-based ministries are focused on adults, we believe God has led us to connect with any of the 1,000 teens that are within the state prison system.

The two facilities the ministry serves houses approximately 200 youth from the ages 12 to 18. Our mission is to serve the Lord by sharing His word so that they will grow and understand our God is a God of second chances. We LOVE them like Jesus, LISTEN to their heart, and PRAY with them.

How do I use my job, skill, and passion?

  • Prayer
  • Lead worship through music
  • Build relationships with youth

Led by Anthony and Kisha Langarica and James Campa



Phone Number

Questions? Please Contact:

Chip Riggs


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