Hope Kids elementary exists to partner with parents to connect kids to live the life of a Jesus follower! Because of this, we believe that investing in the next generation is to be a priority! We feel that church is not only for adults, but for children of all ages. In Hope Kids Elementary, we work hard to create safe environments for children to attend and hear the gospel in a way that they can understand and apply. We do this by teaching our kids about the nature and character of God—that He is wise, generous, loving and good. Each weekend, we worship through song, tell stories from the Bible and gather in small groups by age to talk about Scripture together. All this while having tons of fun!

What to Expect:


We love to meet new families! When you arrive, please let the volunteer at the check-in station know that it is your first time. We will walk you through the check-in and check-out process, registration, and give you a quick tour of the space.


Check-in begins 15 minutes before the main service. You will pick your child up at the designated check-out stations with the registration sticker provided at check-in. For safety reasons, no one without a registration sticker will be able to pick up a child. There is NO exception to this rule because we love your kids! 

Resources for parents

If you have questions about Hope Kids Elementary, please feel free to contact our Family Ministries office!  702-896-5924