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Resources for Families in Response to COVID-19 

Hey Hope Kids Parents!

We just said over the last two weeks here at Hope that “church is not an event, but a family we belong to.”  It’s a value we have believed in since Hope Church began.

Well, now we have the chance to illustrate that as the circumstances of our country have caused almost every event in our city and country (including our ability to meet as a Kid’s Ministry) to cancel over an abundance of caution to COVID 19. As a result, we want to make sure your family is well resourced to:

  1. Further your child’s understanding of God and walk with Jesus
  2. Help you to answer questions your child may have in this rare season of life.

 As you will see as you scroll down this page, we have this week’s lesson for Preschool/Kindergarten and Elementary. We, also, have several resource links available to you as you help your family navigate through all of the COVID 19 circumstances.

hope kids parent resources for the week of march 29-APRIL 4

Below are some links you can read or watch as you help your child understand more of God’s love for us!


Message from Ms. Karisa

Story Video

Worship Video Playlist

Coloring Page




Elementary Video teach

Family Activity

Parent Cue

God Time

Hope Kids Spotify Playlist


Here are some resources we would like to point you to as you help your child through possible moments of anxiety or fear in their reactions to this pandemic.



We understand that safety and security is your #1 priority as a parent. We also take the safety and security of your kids very seriously. Because of this, we require all family ministries volunteers to submit to a thorough background check. In addition, we use a check-in program called Fellowship One where all children will receive a nametag that has a security code that MUST be presented to pick up the child. Every week there is a new code that is generated to ensure safety.

If you have any more questions regarding safety and security within Family Ministries, please let us know.