Leadership Structure

Below you will find the structure of our leadership at Hope Church. If you have any questions about the information below, please let us know!

Lead Team

This team serves as our plurality of Elders. They provide spiritual oversight for the entire church. Not every pastor on our staff is a Lead Pastor because every member of our Lead Team  provides leadership and direction for the entire church, not just one area of ministry.

Vance Pitman - Senior Pastor

Travis Ogle - Senior Executive Pastor

Teddy Johnson - Lead Pastor of Hope Creative

Chip Riggs - Lead Pastor of Mobilization and Sending

Scott Worthington - Lead Pastor of Gatherings & Environments

Tom McCormick - Lead Pastor of Cross-Cultural Mobilization

Stan Harvey - Lead Pastor of Congregational Care

Patrick Detkin - Lead Pastor of Connection + Community


Stewardship Team

This team serves under the authority of our Lead Team of pastors, however our pastors have chosen to humbly submit to this Team in Christ-like humility for accountability, counsel, insight, and wisdom in the areas of Finance, Development, and Personnel. 



This team of men and women are servants set apart to meet needs within the body.  Their specific roles are as follows: intensive care for the connected, connecting the disconnected, bereavement care, and ministry to widows.