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The church is not the end goal! The church is simply a platform to engage the nations with the gospel. We have developed strategic partners all over the to allow us to train Pastors, serve the needy, and share the message of Jesus. The following are the organizations & places we are currently working around the world.

Central and South America

Hope has developed partnerships with local pastors in various regions of Central and South America to support, encourage, and invest in the pastors, their families and the churches that they endeavor to plant. Many of the village pastors are simply the pastor because they were the first to come to Christ in their village. Hope seeks to help these pastors spread the gospel throughout their villages and surrounding areas.

Multi Ministries, South Africa – Harold Peasley

Our ministry partner, Multi Ministries, is based in South Africa. The country is primarily English speaking and is modern, accessible from the USA and surrounding countries in Africa. It is also a safe zone for pastors to come from countries where there is persecution to receive training and encouragement. Every year, Hope works with Multi Ministries to host the REAP (Revival, Evangelism and Prayer) Conference. Hope leaders spend four days with about 400 pastors from 17 African countries, preaching, teaching, leading worship and encouraging them in their ministry. Hope leads pastors and church leaders from other American churches on each trip, training them to duplicate the work with Multi Ministries in other countries. In the past eight years, Hope has been blessed to see REAP conferences expand into at least seven different cities/countries through this strategy. In addition, Hope and some of our American partners are in the beginning stages of developing a strategic plan with Multi Ministries to reach the country of Zimbabwe with the gospel and training of leaders.

PO Box 2032 Florida Hills 1716 South Africa

Mekong Evangelical Mission, Thailand

Hope works with Mekong Evangelical Mission (MEM) to invest in pastors and leaders who will in turn minister to people throughout Southeast Asia. This part of Thailand is a safe zone to reach into many parts Southeast Asia where Christianity is illegal. MEM was started by a Laotian refugee who received his seminary training in America before returning to share the Gospel with his people. Hope partners with this ministry to train pastors and leaders to reach the people of Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. Hope teams also provide essential resources like fresh water, supplies for the on-site children’s home, medical and dental care, as well as training in basic hygiene, nutrition, athletic coaching, and other life skills.

P.O. Box 186, Burns, TN  37029

O.M. Africa

Hope has an ongoing partnership with a local organization that trains African Pastors and missionaries. Zambia is the “heart of Southern Africa, sharing a border with eight other countries. In addition to severe poverty, HIV/AIDS is widespread. Zambia is a Christian nation and in the past decade has become a sending center for evangelical missionaries from Africa to Africa. Pastors from all over Africa, including places where Christianity is illegal can be freely trained in Zambia, giving Hope a platform to expand God’s kingdom throughout Africa.

Hope partners with Operation Mobilization to facilitate an annual Mission Conference for more than 700 missionaries from about 20 countries. The conference is an investment in these leaders, who are working with unreached people groups. They receive Bible teaching and training in business and administration. Hope also partners with OM’s teacher’s college to conduct an annual teachers conference that has expanded to include conferences in Lusaka (Zambia’s capital) as well as OM’s base in Kabwe. These conferences are an opportunity for American Teachers to invest in the lives of Zambian teachers.

Hope’s Global Missionaries


Stephanie Martino

Stephanie Martino is going to serve alongside our partner Operation Mobilization in South Africa. She will be serving there for two years working with the Freedom Climb, an extension of Operation Mobilization. The Freedom Climb aims to build awareness and support for those who are affected by human trafficking. Stephanie will also help with other outreaches including an AIDs orphanage, teaching english, and assisting in mobilizing locals to reach the unreached people of Africa.

To help support Stephanie, go to and search “Martino”. You can also contact her directly at

Andy & Amy Milligan

Andy and Amy Milligan serve with Operation Mobilization (OM) Africa, in Pretoria, South Africa where they serve 400+ missionaries working in 12 countries across Africa.  Andy serves as the director of OM Africa’s Business Development Initiative and as an Associate in Projects and Ministries.  Amy home-schools their daughters, Olivia (11) and Audrey (7), and works with OM Africa’s prayer ministries and the Freedom Climb with raises awareness and funds to help fight human trafficking and child labor around the world.  Andy helps design and develop business that bless communities and the people who serve them, giving African missionaries a platform to serve the communities they’re seeking to see transformed.  He is also involved in strategic planning and financial development for OM Africa’s 13 fields working in South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Lake Tanganyika, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi, Ghana, and North-Central Africa.

OM Africa’s mission is to see the glory of the lord rise and shine in and from Africa, transforming lives and communities, especially amongst the least reached.  Their vision is to see 350 communities (amongst 150 least reached people groups in Africa) holistically transformed (spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically) by 2025.  To accomplish this they are working and trusting God to call, prepare and send 5,000 new mission workers to and from Africa.

For one-time support, go to and search “Miiligan”.

For automated (repeat) support, go to and include “Andy and Amy Milligan” in the comments section

Bill & Sandy Stevener | Latin America & Paraguay


God has called Bill and Sandy Stevener to work with the Su Refugio ministry in Paraguay. The name Su Refugio refers to His Refuge, a place that cares for widows and orphans for the glory of God, pure religion in accordance with James 1:27. Su Refugio Paraguay includes a church, a home for girls placed with us by the government for a variety of reasons, a comedor (children’s feeding center) which provides lunch three days a week for 90-105 children from the area, and the Center of Hope.

Bill is the director for the Center of Hope, an outreach ministry designed specifically to

  1. Train women in skills that will enable them to earn money to help support their families,
  2. Provide micro-loans to help women get on their feet and start or grow their micro-businesses,
  3. Help with the spiritual growth of the women and children that attend the classes.

Bill is also the facilities director to coordinate maintenance and other needs.

Sandy is the coordinator directly responsible for the various training sessions in hair cutting, sewing, knitting, making jewelry, etc. She works with local women who can do the teaching, and does some of the teaching herself. Sandy also schedules workshops with the girls in the home, teaching them various crafts.

Bill has worked in the computer field for thirty years and took an early retirement in 2009 to enter fulltime ministry. Sandy was a loan officer for 15 years and office assistant another five years before joining Bill in fulltime ministry. They are great examples of how “normal” people, those without a ministry background, can be involved in mission work.

For more information and ministry updates, visit their BLOG.

International Mission Board, SBC

International Mission Board exists to lead Southern Baptists Convention in international mission efforts through mobilization, sending career missionaries, and channeling financial support. More than 5,000 missionaries are supported in countries all over the world.


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