2014 Mission Opportunities


Education Trip | August 1-13, 2014
We need teachers and special needs educators. Education, and especially special needs education, is desperately needed in Africa. Utilize your passion to teach to reach those who are longing to learn.
Cost: $3,300
Contact: Teri Dodd – teri.dodd@cox.net

Skills Trip | August 1-13, 2014
God has gifted everyone with a special gift. If you are skilled in sewing, hairdressing, or any other handy skill, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to be engaged in the kingdom globally.
Cost: $3,300
Contact: Teri Dodd – teri.dodd@cox.net

Love Africa Missions Conference | August 1-13, 2014
Every year, Hope assists in hosting the Love Africa Conference. Hundreds of african pastors from all over the continent travel to Zambia for teaching, training, and encouragement.
Cost: $3,300
Contact: Teri Dodd – teri.dodd@cox.net

Young Adult Trip | July 13 – August 14, 2014
Melissa Gillespie, a Hope member who has been to Zambia many times and has lived in Africa for a period of 10 weeks, will be leading a trip of youth/young adults (Ages 16-College) to spend a month in Zambia with our partner O.M. Africa.
Cost: $3,500
Contact: Melissa Gillespie – his1126melissa@yahoo.com

Zambia Summer Team Updates

Construction Trip | Fall 2014
If you have experience in any area of construction, you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to use your skill for the kingdom of God.
Cost: $3,300
Contact: Teri Dodd – teri.dodd@cox.net


Vacation Bible School Trip | June 20-July 1, 2014
For the past several years, Hope mission teams have been hosting a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for 500+ kids in Thailand. During this exciting time, kids are taught biblical truth through song and teaching.
Cost: $2,500
Contact: Pastor Scott Worthington – scott@hopechurchonline.com
Thailand Team Updates

Education  Trip | August 3-13, 2014
Do you have passion not only to teach, but to also train others to teach as well? You don’t want to miss this opportunity as you help train educators in Thailand.
Cost: $2,500
Contact: Chase and Heidi Billington – chaselee2005@yahoo.com or heidibillington@ymail.com


Business Trip | March or April 2014
For those who have business experience and would like to utilize that experience for the expansion of God’s kingdom, this is an exciting opportunity for you. You will be working to help in micro-business ventures that will sustain pastors and leaders on the ground as they seek to preach the gospel among different villages and people groups.
Cost: $1,000
Contact: Gidget Graham – gidget@hopechurchonline.com

Service Opportunity | October 2014
Cost: $1,000
Contact: Gidget Graham – gidget@hopechurchonline.com


R.E.A.P. Conference | November 25-December 5, 2014
For over a decade, Hope has been involved in the R.E.A.P Conference in the country of South Africa. R.E.A.P. stands for Revival, Evangelism, and Prayer. Join the team to serve pastors and church leaders from all over the continent of Africa with the love and encouragement of Christ.
Cost: $3,000
Contact: Donna Starkes – dcstarkes@aol.com


Dates | March 26- April 2, 2014
Ohana Church was planted by Hope in 2013. They will be officially launching Easter Sunday in 2014. God is at work among the Hawaiian people, bringing them to faith in Christ.
Cost: $1,000-$1,500
Contact: Craig Smith – craigasmith@mac.com


Family Trip | September 24-28

Share on mission as a family!  We have the opportunity to serve Grace City Church and meet some of their needs. We plan to host a block party, prayer walk, serve the city and help Grace City Church in anyway possible. There is an interest meeting on July 20th at 12:45PM in the FMA.

Cost: $350
Contact: Pastor Wes Hodges – wes@hopechurchonline.com

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