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The Word Changes You and Those Around You

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"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom...." Colossians 3:16

Have you ever noticed that you start to act and talk like the people you hang around? If you have been married for several years, you might even hear, "You and your spouse look alike!"

Paul talks about the old self and the new self in this portion of his letter to the Colossians. He says you and I need to put to death our sinful, earthly ways and put on the new ways of Jesus. Over time, spending time in God's Word and packing His truths in your heart changes the way you act, talk, and look.

The word dwell in this verse does not mean to just let God's Word "hang around" in your mind and heart, but to let it influence the way you live, which in turn will influence those around you.

What are some ways you can begin to cultivate the Word of God in your heart so that it influences your behavior and the behavior of those around you?