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The Fruit of the Relationship

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"If you love Me, you will keep My commandments."     - John 14:15

There are verses in the Bible that people often misinterpret. This is one of those verses. Many times, this specific verse is read like this: "If you really, really love me, you better keep my commandments." This reading brings to mind an authoritarian type of ruler, pointing and waving his finger trying to scare people into "robot-like" obedience. However, this is not the heart of Jesus in this verse. The context reveals that this was Jesus' last night with His disciples. The moment was tender. Humility toward and love for one another filled the atmosphere. It was all about their relationships with one another that night. Jesus wasn't calling for strict obedience; He was after the relationship! You see, obedience is not the focus of the life of a Jesus follower; obedience is the fruit as you and I live in moment-by-moment dependence on the Father.

Is your obedience to Jesus rooted in your love relationship with Jesus?