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Small Obstacles, Big God

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"By faith they (the children of Israel) passed through the Red Sea as though they were passing through dry land." - Hebrews 11:29

Theologians tell us that the average depth of the deepest trench in the Red Sea is just over 1600 feet tall.  For perspective, the Empire State building is just over 1400 feet in height.  The Bible says that the Israelites crossed through this body of water on "dry ground."  Have you ever wondered what seeing the Red Sea open as it did would feel like?  1600 feet is deep.  Can you imagine, looking up the sides of the waves as God's hand kept the water from crashing back on the 2 million people who were crossing?  Obstacles in life get smaller as our view of God grows bigger.  Our trust in God as the One with all power and knowledge can only be what it should be when we know Him.  Knowing Him happens as we spend time with Him.

Is there an aspect of who God is that you can thank Him for despite the obstacles you're up against?