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Awaken 2018: Day 13

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Read: Psalm 81:10 - “I, the Lord, am your God....Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” 


The children of Israel were loved by God. He rescued them by bringing them out of four hundred years of captivity in Egypt. He prepared a leader in Moses and a way for them to finally leave the strong hand of their captors. Millions left Egypt totally dependent on God and were headed for the land promised to them by God.

However, after a while in the desert, many began to take their trust from Yahweh and place total trust in themselves. They were tired and hungry. Many of them even believed Moses had led them into the wilderness to die and became discouraged and even angry. God, though, had never stopped loving them and caring for them. His eye was keenly fixed upon them. God began to show them His care when manna (literally translated, "what is it?") began to fall from the sky to feed them to give them physical nourishment. He cared for them even though they had turned from Him.

Do you realize your need for Him every single day? Not only do we need Him for physical provision like the Israelites, there is something we need more that. We need His presence! Are you crying out of more of His presence in your life?

Prayer for the Day:

Lord, I am in total dependence on You. You are my Provider. Thank You that You know everything I need including more of Your presence in my life! I love You, Jesus. I am Yours.


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