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A Christian Greeting

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"Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ greet you." Romans 16:16

Church has always been a family; brothers and sisters in Christ living life on mission in the world. And though that fact has not changed, the way believers have expressed their love for those in the family depends largely on culture. For followers of Jesus in the first century, greeting those in Christ with a kiss was an expression of love for others in the family of God and the unity that they experienced together. For you and I, specifically in the western culture, greeting another believer in Christ with a kiss is typically not welcomed or appropriate because of the difference in our cultural context from those in the first century. But the principle still remainsJesus followers should always look for ways to extend love and hospitality when greeting those who are part of the family of God.

What are some culturally appropriate ways you can extend a loving greeting toward other members of the family of God?

We Are a Family

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"Live in peace with one another." 1 Thessalonians 5:13

A statement that we share all the time at Hope Church is that "Following Jesus is all about relationships!" One of those relationships is the one believers have with one another as God's family. Before a church is anything else, we are a family. We all know that there are hundreds of different dynamics that exist within the context of a family. Within a family there is responsibility, support, miscommunication, celebration, and sorrow just to name a few. And those dynamics not only exist in our biological families, they also exist in our spiritual family. The dynamic of a family that scripture is highlighting today is that of peace. When a family is functioning correctly, there is a constant pursuit of peace with one another. In the same way, as members of God's family, when conflict arises, we are to look for every way to pursue peace with one another.

Are you living at peace with your brothers and sisters in Christ? Is there a relationship that God has put on your heart that you need to seek to make right?

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