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Eternal Treasure

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"for where your treasure is there will your heart be also." Luke 12:34

This is an amazing verse of Scripture. Read it again slowly. Notice the words and meditate on them as you reread them over and over and over: "For where your treasure IS there your heart WILL BE also." "Is" is a present tense verb. It means "now" or "currently." "Will be" is a future tense verb. This means "in the time to come" or "in the future." Wherever you choose to place your money, your energy, and your time will be the place your heart will go. In other words, when you place your treasure in pleasure on earth, that is where you'll find your heart sooner or later. We cannot invest in something and not care about its health or well-being. And conversely, we will not be concerned with things we have not placed time and energy on or in. Ask God to be wise with the treasure He has provided for you. Ask Him for the desire to "send it on ahead" instead of placing where it will never last.

Are you investing your time, talent, and treasure in that which is eternal for the sake of mission?

Generous Living

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"provide yourselves with money bags that do not grow old; with a treasure in heaven that does not fail" - Luke 12:33

Generous living was a life theme for Jesus. He gave of Himself in so many ways. He also, though, saw many in Israel at the time who were investing wrongly. They would speak of giving to God of their possessions, but what they were actually doing was spending only on themselves or on things on earth that would not last. Jesus encouraged His followers to give forward to the Kingdom to come. In other words, He was saying "invest in that which is eternal instead of that which is temporary." Feed the homeless, give to church planting, adopt the orphan, invest in the Kingdom activity around you. In these money bags, there will never be rot. These are the money bags from heaven. This investment is in the Kingdom of God and not the kingdom of earth or of mankind. Thank Him for providing for you and ask Him what He wants you to do with what He has blessed you with.

Where do you invest? In the Kingdom of God or in the things of this earth? Do you invest in the Kingdom at all?

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