Deep Dive

All summer long we are studying Psalms chapter 145 in a series called “Deep Dive.” Part of this study is what we are calling the #Psalm145Challenge. We are asking every one who calls Hope Church home to memorize the 21 verses that make up this incredible chapter of God’s word. 

Throughout the summer we will be giving more ways for you to engage with the challenge on our social networks. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey as we dive deep into this chapter of God’s word and we’re praying that our whole church is up for the challenge of memorizing Psalm 145! To understand the "why" and the "how" behind memorizing scripture, download the Deep Dive booklet below.



How to Memorize Psalm 145

As we memorize Psalm 145 we’ve got you covered with some great tools to help you on your scripture memory journey this summer.

the tools

As our whole church memorizes Psalm 145, we are giving you some tools to to help you on your scripture memory journey! We encourage you to use this guide as a resource as we memorize this chapter together as a church!

Scripture images

Each weekend as you come our Gather Times on Sunday, we will have scripture memory cards in your seat. Every 2 weeks, we will be releasing another card for you to place somewhere where you will regularly see it. Use these cards to help you hide God’s word in your heart! Below, you can download DIGITAL versions of these cards that work great as the screen image on your phone!

Download the individual images

Scripture songs

Have you ever heard a song you haven’t heard in years yet you remember almost every lyric? We believe that there is power in music and memory therefore our Hope Creative team has reworked some of your favorite songs through the decades with the words of Psalm 145! On a mobile device, click the image below to listen to the song. To download the song, right click the image below on a desktop computer and click "Download Linked File."


Scripture  memory app

Technology is a beautiful thing when it comes to memorizing scripture! Verses is a free app for Apple and Android devices that we’ve found to be the best app for memorizing Scripture. It makes it fun by incorporating quick memory games to advance and keep track of your progress alone or with friends!

Download the "Verses" App


As a part of this summer study and scripture memory journey, we want you to challenge your friends on social media! Our pastors and staff team are going to join in on the fun all summer and we hope you will step up to the #Psalm145Challenge!