How will we see all of these God-sized dreams come true? TOGETHER! The success of the NEXT Campaign depends upon each of us seeking the Lord and trusting Him to reveal what we are togive that is over and above our current level of giving. The process of deciding what amount to give is exciting because of the contribution you will make into God’s kingdom. But the process is also something that leads us to depend more on Jesus as we sacrifice and live generously. With prayer, creativity, and sacrifice, giving to the NEXT Campaign is possible for everyone! Use some of the ideas and tools and ideas on this page to help you get started.

What is your part?

Pray & Listen

In dependence on God, set aside time to seek Him through His Word and prayer. Ask the Lord to align your heart with His and give you direction concerning His will for you and/or your family. Pray specifically. “God, show me how I can leverage my time, talent, and treasure to impact the world.”

Consider Your Standard of Giving

As individuals and/or families, plan a few minutes to consider what God has provided for you. Then ask, “What am I willing to sacrifice to join in what God is doing next in and through Hope Church?” We desire for God to speak to every person at Hope Church as they consider their level of personal sacrifice (over and above regular financial giving) in order to join in His activity. Randy Alcorn says in his book The Treasure Principle, “God prospers me not to raise my standard of living but to raise my standard of giving.”

Take two action steps

God is big! Trust that He will provide what He leads you to give. Remember we are not giving to a church but through a church to join in God’s activity in the world. Here are two ways for you to live this out as a part of the Next Campaign:

  1. An initial Next Offering on Sunday, May 21
  2. A 36-month Pledge to the Next Campaign (June 2017 – June 2020)

Give to the next campaign!

Build Your Own Creative Giving Plan

Use the calculator below as you begin to consider what you can give to the NEXT Campaign. As you check boxes on the left, customize your number in the corresponding box. Scroll to the bottom to see the total of the lines you’ve checked and added up.