Goodness Gracious Ministries

    03.16.17 | Serve The City by Chip Riggs

    Goodness Gracious Ministries has a very simple mission: To feed the hungry both physically and spiritually. This is done is a variety of ways and we'd love for you to serve with us! Below are some of the ways we serve the city:

    Goodness Bags

    Provide bags of food for the weekends to sustain children when they are not in school being provided breakfast and lunch.

    Goodness Gracious Ministries Food Truck

    • TRAIN homeless to develop job skills to work in the food industry, budgeting money and finding job placements.

    • SUSTAIN by taking it into neighborhoods to raise awareness about God's promises.

    • MAINTAIN by actively fundraising with Goodness Gracious Food Truck. 

    Led by Brian Bland